LED Light Chain/Party Lights 1,5m H05RN-F

Colourful party lighting for indoor and outdoor use, e.g. the garden, balcony,
pavilion, marquee or basement.
Flexible rubber cable for easy hanging.
Cable: 1,5 m H05RN-F 2G0,75 wiring cable and 8,5 m H03RN-F 1G0,5.
10 coloured lamps with 7 LEDs each.
Colours: red, yellow, blue and green.
Several chains can be connected one to another.
Very low energy consumption.
Mains power supply 230 V.
In colourful display-packaging.
LEDs: 10 x 7
Output: 4,9 W
Cable length: 1,5 + 8,5 m
Plug: 230 V

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